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Driving innovation with precision engineering, delivering quality auto parts for ultimate performance and customer satisfaction.

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What we offer


Crafting quality auto parts for heavy-duty vehicles with precision and expertise


Engineering, maintenance, warranty and remanufacturing for full life cycle management.

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Air springs, engines, turbochargers and more for 
enhanced reliability and performance

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Our Factory

Our manufacturing facility in Vietnam has an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons of casting and 60,000 brake drum units.

We utilize advanced coated sand molding processes and CNC machining centers to ensure precise, one-time molding, significantly reducing the run-out rate. Our stringent quality control system encompasses every stage, from smelting and material selection to rough casting inspection and fine processing, ensuring superior product quality.

Working with TBP

Robust Production Capabilities

Our advanced facilities ensure large-scale, consistent quality production, meeting partner demands reliably. We boast the latest casting technology and CNC machines, with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons and 50,000 brake drum units.

High-Performance Raw Materials

Our brake drums, made from high-strength HT250 cast iron, ensure durability and reliability for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Carbon, Silicon, and Manganese enhance castability, hardness, and oxidation resistance for superior performance, easy processing, and efficient heat dissipation.

Advanced CNC Technology

Our production technology features advanced CNC machinery with FANUC software, ensuring high precision in brake drum machining. It boosts productivity, minimizes errors, and ensures consistent quality, meeting stringent automotive industry requirements.